If you watch German and Austrian television, you know my voice already.
I’ve been providing professional voiceovers for over 20 years in
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe & around the World.

I am a classically trained actress and have been working in theatre, film and television for 30 years. This training and experience has really informed my voice work.

It´s also invaluable for lipsync work, radio drama, games or any other form of voice work that requires acting or improvisation.

I’m great with characters, telling a story, manipulating my voice to get exactly the tone you’re looking for:

  • genuine and natural for corporate videos,
  • charming and businesslike for voice response systems,
  • versatile and funny for cartoons,
  • caring and sensitive for children.

I love to work for children, and I am a mother too.

I offer voiceover for all ages, from children or teenagers to old women, as well as many characters. 

I work in my professional studio with high-quality broadcast equipment. Because my professional studio is at home, I can usually turn a job around fast and to a budget that is reasonable.

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